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Website development is the process of developing website which include company’s content/matter, images, video, audio content etc. The website is running on web browsers which includes Microsoft Internet explorer, Microsoft edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. And the website is hosted in web servers where it can be stored and served to the user/view in browsers. In order to develop website, programming languages are used. These programming languages includes HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Angular js, Bootstraps etc on the client side programming language and, MVC, Core, PHP, Java etc on server side. For any company/firm/restaurant/school/college/Medical institution/Lawyers/government body etc, website is the type of reception for their online users, which should show their complete detail and their processes to the user online before coming in their premises. User feel comfortable with fully well design website with relevant details.

Secure Website Architecture, Special Website Development Technique, Website without Source Code, Unique Website Development without visible Html Body, Number one secure Website Development, India’s first Secure Website Development. RAJSAN TECHNOLOGIES, a leading Information Technology solutions provider company in Delhi NCR, India offers secure website development architecture. In this secure architecture, the website source code (which include html code, Java script code, Jquery code, CSS Code, Images, Bootstrap code and mainly website content or you can say website matter) is not available in source code window. This helps user to have secure website, which can not be copied online or offline mode in any manner. This prevents stealing of yours website matter to any unethical persons.

This architecture is fully complied with Mobile Compatibility, Well Planned Information Architecture, Fast Loading Time, Full Browser Consistent, Effective Navigation, Protection against XSS attacks, Source code and website Content.

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